AVM Lecture Capture Solutions

As the popularity of online learning rises, there is a huge call for lecture capture within universities. Here at AVM we offer a range of functional lecture capture solutions

As a #1 provider of high-quality lecture capture solutions, we have a range of options to suit your project, which include single room solutions that use simple software, or a campus wide solution that implements a cloud based server to enable multiple rooms to record at the same time. We also offer an accompanying piece of cloud-based software which aids in the set up of multiple rooms, as well as giving scheduling options and allowing log in details to be handed out so that students can log in and watch previously recorded lectures.

Our AVM engineers are fully trained to ensure that they are capable of installing the necessary equipment to a high standard.

Lecture Capture

The solutions we offer also allow content to be captured from the lecturer’s computer as well as having a camera focusing on them as they give the lecture, while also boasting camera tracking to ensure that lecturers still have freedom to move whilst they are giving their lectures. Multi-camera support allows for the tracking camera to focus on the lecturer while the second camera is pointed either at the audience or just focusing on the stage from a distance.

As well as offering the software, AVM also bridge the hardware gap – devices such as the event recorder T1 which is used to store the videos recorded locally; generally used for single room solutions and allows for what is essentially a scaled down version of the cloud server version. We also provide high-definition cameras, such as the HD PTZ camera, which can be implemented for solutions where tracking is required.