AVM Solutions UK provide a service to allow piped music to be distributed amongst the numerous rooms

Hotel background music

Digital Hive is a system, which can entirely handle all background music solution requirements, and be controlled externally from an offsite server music database. Music choices are made by you, but can be automated to switch moods at specific set time frames. For example, you may wish to begin the day with popular radio chart music, but switch to a softer mood of jazz within the dining hall at a later time.

Digital Hive music distribution system can handle all of the music without ever needing to do more than simply switch on the device. AVM Solutions UK will handle all the rest and can update or change playlists, randomise and even include custom sound tracks for specific seasonal events such as a Halloween or Christmas parties.

If you don’t have a PA music system installed around the venue, AVM Solutions UK are fully qualified and ready to install and set up a complete sound system, should this be a requirement. Speak to one of our experts and choose from a range of systems to perfectly suit your needs and budget.

At AVM, we provide background music solutions for a whole range of businesses which include;

  1. Hotels
  2. Bed and Breakfasts
  3. And many more