Case Study | Education

Sidney Stringer Academy – Coventry, UK

When Sidney Stringer Academy decided to install a video wall that was versatile and performed different functions, they gave us a call to see what solutions we could come up with. They required a video wall that would be able to display digital signage, receive an input from a computer and an apple TV unit for displaying programs and videos. They also requested that we install a CCTV camera to monitor the theatre in which the video wall would be housed. We ran through available options with the Sidney Stringer before deciding on the following solution

Our Solution – Sidney Stringer Academy, UK

We decided on a 3 x 3 video wall which used 9 large screens grouped together to create a single picture, we then utilised video wall equipment that allowed us to input separate devices. To display the signage we used a BrightSign digital signage player, one of the most well known signage players on the market. To allow a computer input to be utilised we installed a wall plate that had all the necessary connections built in, allowing the client to simply plug their laptop straight into the wall plate and thus connect to the video wall. The academy needed a remote control that made the system straightforward and easy to use, so we used an Ipad designed as a remote control specifically for this job.

A group of trained AVM engineers arrived at the Sidney Stringer academy to mount the screens and install the necessary equipment for the video wall. After the job was completed the client was given a brief demonstration of how to use their new system so that they understood how to use it.