Smart Technology

Get the most out of your technology

Just about everything is now connected to the internet. Our phones, watches, speakers, fridges, thermostat and door bells. This provides us with a fantastic level of insight, control and personalisation, but it doesn’t always translate to the office.

We’re seeing the voice of the customer really driving this agenda. Smart access control and visitor management, book and pay for services via an app, predictive fault management, real time energy footprint, real time building data showing occupancy, heat maps showing noise/temp/high utilisation.

All of the solutions we develop at AVM start with the customer, never the technology. The same goes with smart technology. We’ve been working closely with our enterprise clients to understand their painpoints. As a result we’ve developed some key technology partnerships to bring solutions which we believe are relevant right now and will help start your journey to smart, healthy and productive spaces.

Our vision is that smart digital technology can help improve operational efficiency, user experience and sustainability. Start this journey with AVM smart technology.