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Peak AI | Case Study

Peak has developed an AI platform that optimises product inventory, pricing, and customer personalization for businesses from millions to billions in revenue. By delivering AI into the world of work, Peak will create a new community of winning businesses. 

AVM Solutions initially provided workspace solutions for Peak AI’s inaugural office, but in the last five years they have experienced remarkable growth. So we were delighted to once again to help them create some cool collaborative and productive spaces over at their new office in Manchester Goods Yard, all 35k sq. ft of it!!  

Peak, working alongside the brilliant team at Sheila Bird Design Studios, were developing space like no other with a particular focus on sustainability.  To compliment this, we developed a more ‘sustainable by design’ approach, and our brief included reusing all their existing AV technology, including elements we transported from their office in London, as part of the overall scheme. 

There was only one meeting space which was connecting to the building fabric, the other eight meeting spaces were formed in custom built meeting pods. This involved careful coordination with Boss Design, who manufactured the meeting pods, to get the power and data agreed. The acoustics in these pods is like nothing we’ve ever experienced – amazing! 

We repurposed six of their existing DTEN interactive boards, and with the addition of new kit, we created nine collaborative and productive spaces, including two dual screen video conferencing rooms. Whiteboarding is even smart at Peak, with the Logitech Scribe solution in use in their boardroom. 

The real statement space at Peak is their stunning townhall and bleach seating area, purpose-built to accommodate internal and external large-scale events. The experience is driven via a simple touch panel enabling the business to host events while seamlessly connecting team members from around the world via Zoom, giving users the option to set up video calls, presentations, play music and control microphones and speakers. 

To achieve this, we incorporated handheld microphones and a catch box microphone, adding an element of interactivity (and fun) between the host and the audience.  

On the visual front, we repurposed their existing projector and screen, making it versatile for presentations or Zoom calls. With the addition of four new repeater displays around the area, colleagues can see from all angles. These also doubles up as digital signage which emits company messaging and any custom content whilst the area isn’t being used for a town hall. Complementing this setup is a PTZ camera that can effortlessly pan around the entire space and zoom in on participants as necessary, ensuring that remote attendees can get a clear and engaging view of the interactions taking place. 

Creating a pleasant and inviting ambiance through background music which is a key consideration for the entire space, aimed at providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for both visitors and the Peak AI team. To achieve this, we installed zone-controlled speakers that offer the flexibility to adjust volume levels independently in different areas. What’s more, this sound system seamlessly integrates with the dynamic DJ mode in the event space, ensuring that the music experience can be tailored to suit various occasions and preferences.

Summary of the spaces AVM Solutions installed: 

  • Large Event space where town halls can be held internally and online. 
  • Pod meeting rooms with interactive boards. 
  • Digital Signage for advertising to external customers and internal messaging. 
  • Background music with independent zonal audio control.