HaaS (Hardware-As-A-Service)

What is Hardware-as-a-Service or Leasing?

HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) is a model of procurement which, in a nutshell, is very similar to leasing hardware for your project. With a plethora of benefits, we are proud and excited to now be able to offer HaaS to our partners, in partnership with Plus Finance.

Leasing is a tax-efficient and cost-effective method of achieving your ideal workspace whilst retaining cash in your business. Using a HaaS solution means you can move ahead with projects straight away without having to wait for capital to become available, and we can often include soft costs such as service, supplies, installation and even dilaps.

HaaS with AVM

At AVM we believe that all solutions start with the customer and not the technology, and this is exactly what HaaS enables us to do. If the cost of technology is a barrier then the solution can only go as far as your capital. If we introduce HaaS or Leasing into the equation, we can find a solution that really makes a difference, with the worries of cost being secondary to performance.

We can bundle the cost of hardware, support, and maintenance into one, simple, easy to manage monthly payment. HaaS payments are 100% allowable against taxable profit. As the only method of finance offering these tax savings, HaaS is the most tax efficient method of financing a fitout. In some cases it can even work out cheaper than paying cash!

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