Digital Signage Solutions with BrightSign

AVM is proud to offer a range of signage solutions for any purpose. At the heart of our more advanced solutions, we offer BrightSign, a powerful and high quality signage player company that have a range of players to suit any need or budget. Digital Signage can have a number of uses, including: reception signage for customers entering your business, menu signage if you are a restaurant or just as something to put in the window of your establishment to draw in new customers. BrightSign have recently overhauled their product line by updating their existing players and releasing a new more affordable line.

The newest addition to the BrightSign range is the LS series, a more affordable and stripped down player that gives you all of the high quality basics required for signage. The LS422 is a networked player that can display video at 1080p30 and features a range of interactivity options, such as GPIO and USB. The built in networking in the LS422 makes updating the unit and managing the content a task that can easily be completed remotely.

The HD range of players has been cut down to two players instead of three; the remaining players have been updated to include new features. Both players now support HTML5 and 1080p60 content for added flexibility. Remaining features of the HD rang include: networking for easy updates, content management and live data feeds as well as interactivity and UDP support. The HD1022 also features touch interactivity allowing the player to be used in conjunction with a touch screen display and geo-fencing.

The XD line of players has been updated so that all 3 players now feature a faster graphics and HTML5 engine as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and the added convenience of remote viewing. These new features have been added whilst keeping the cost of each unit exactly the same as before the update. The units still retain their original features such as: interactivity and video wall synchronisation. The XD1032 also features a HDMI input as well as output meaning that you can display live TV as part of your signage.

Digital Signage

Finally the 4K range, some of the most high quality signage players on the market today. With the growing rise of 4K resolution there is also a growing rise in the demand for technology that can keep up. The 4K range of BrightSign players has a native 4K resolution as well as an up scaling. The 4K range features a powerful video engine that is capable of decoding a 4K video and a HD video simultaneously. Of course the 4K range also features all of the benefits of the previous 4K range such as interactivity, networking and support for HTML5.

AVM regularly install BrightSign devices and have a wide knowledge of the various ranges and how well they are suited to certain situations; therefore we can guarantee you the best quality and value for your bespoke solution. A standard signage solution is comprised of a display that can be either touch screen or standard depending on your requirements and a BrightSign unit. An AVM engineer will then install your screen and unit, training can then also be provided if required.