Case Study | Hospitality

Wedding Venue – Northamptonshire, UK

A wedding venue contacted AVM as they were regularly hiring LED lighting for their venue, demand was rapidly increasing for their venue as well as the amount of clients who requested lighting.

Therfore they decided it might be a good idea to invest in a more permanent installation to save on costs. After some time of online research, AVM Solutions UK was found and contacted.

Our Technical sales department happily discussed the requirements that the venue needed and the budget they had to work with. We then ran through the available options with the client. After deliberating they decided on a system similar to what they usually hired. The system was comprised of LED light bars along with a DMX controller.

AVM dispatched our DMX lighting engineer who ran all necessary cables as well as mounting and installing the LED light bars. The project was completed within a day and upon completion, the client was given a brief demo of their new system was given to the wedding venue staff to ensure they had a good understanding of how it worked.

Equipment Installed – Wedding Venue, UK

  • 15 x 1m LED RGB Light bars
  • 1 x RGB DMX Controller
  • DMX Cable
  • Power