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Using AV Solutions To Enhance Customer Experience. Blackfriars – Project Overview


After working with our partners at Bruntwood on a range of projects, we were, of course, more than happy to assist them with their Blackfriars House Project. The best part about having long-term partnerships with businesses such as Bruntwood is that we understand their needs and expectations due to previous projects.

The Challenge

When we were brought on as a consultancy role for the Blackfriars House Project, we knew that one of the main challenges that we would have to face was creating an experience for their visitors from arrival right through to departure. With this being the first building of many across various sites, it was essential to understand the customer journey.

The Overview

Blackfriars House was designed to have various rooms and systems. This includes a co-working lounge, café, event space, meeting rooms and even a brand new podcast studio – one of the first of our podcast solutions that we have installed (but we’ll get onto that bit later!)

The project enabled us to use a range of solutions which we could also use in our future projects with Bruntwood. This means that we can effectively distribute our range of solutions across the business -It was important that the solutions were simple and consistent across all sites, meaning better user experience.

The Installation

Reception, Café and Co-Working Areas: Bose Speakers

After the initial planning session, we moved onto the installation process. This included the reception, café and co-working areas. As this is the first area the visitor sees when they enter the building, we designed a central music system that was split into multiple zones and connected. This ensured that the team at Blackfriars could control the sound anywhere using one central tablet.

But what makes this sound system so revolutionary? In every room mentioned above, we installed Bose speakers which provides an unrivalled crisp quality of sound to make the customer experience come to life.

The Event Space: Display Screens

Moving onto the event space, we provided a large 86” display screen for presentations and wireless microphones. With this, the Blackfriars team can deliver presentations without any interference or complications. The system is also controlled through a wall-mounted touch panel which is custom-designed to ensure users can make use of the system without hassle.

To add that extra layer of AV functionality, the system incorporates features such as; live-streaming, wireless presenting, a recording feature and Bose speakers for enhanced sound and an overall unmatched presentation system.

The recording feature is custom-built allowing users to input their email address on the touch panel at the start of the event and have access to the recording at the end of the session. This feature is beneficial as it is built with the end-user in mind with no training required making it the perfect system for guests to use.

The Meeting Rooms: Touch Panels

The meeting rooms all feature tabletop touch panels which include a new reporting function which is time efficient for the users and supporting staff if there are any potential issues with connecting to the system.

Similar to the event space, the meeting rooms contain a wireless presentation system which allows the user to connect their device with on-screen instructions and user guides to help with the user’s experience. To add an extra touch, all screens have been mounted on a pop-out bracket which allows for easy access to the screens when essential maintenance works are needed.

The Podcast Studio

One of our most exciting installations from this project was installing one of our newest bespoke solutions – the podcast studio. The studio sat in Blackfriars’ own designed room, which inspired a retro-style library that could be used in between the podcast studio bookings, creating a multifunctional space.

Similar to the event space, we developed a recording feature built into the touch panel of the podcast room, so users can start a session and capture multiple recordings simply by inputting an email address.

Once the session is finished, the recording would be sent to the email address provided in the first stage and users can download their session. This makes the system easy to use and can help to communicate efficiently with Bruntwood’s audience. Perfect for co-working, where minimal training is required, however, delivers studio-quality recordings.

We built this system using studio quality Shure microphones, Samson headphones and digital audio signal processors which manage the levels and equalising of the audio feeds.

We focused on creating a suitable system which provided the desired functionality, then developed a simplistic and easy to use user interface for the touch panel. This is to ensure that the users get a smooth experience, alongside using studio grade equipment to create a high-quality result.

The Outcome

The final result reflected all of the hard work that our team carried out – from multiple solutions and high-quality installation equipment, right through to ensuring ease of use for all users.

We pride ourselves on working with our partners throughout these projects from consultancy, planning, installation and training. We also provide support throughout and after projects are finished (including support throughout live events). Whenever you may need it, our team is more than happy to help!

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