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Top 5 tips on remote working

Now with the escalation in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and the increase in pressure more people may start ( or already be) working from remotely from home to limit the spread of the virus. At the beginning you may think it’s a great thing, not having to get up early to sit in traffic for the commute both to and from work, being able to wear something other than work clothes and relax on the couch whilst working.

After the first few days have gone by you will realise just how hard it can be to work remotely. This may be because you are struggling to get in touch with your team who may also be working remotely or still within the office.
Well we are here to help with our top 5 tips, along with our thoughts on the situation:

1. Setup; if using a separate webcam and speaker setup, make sure you use separate headphones to avoid audio feedback which can cause sound issues for others, you may not hear this

2. Lighting; make sure you have decent lighting on your face so others can see you. The best position is where the light is in front of you and not behind you.

3. Position; try and angle your laptop or webcam at your eye level where possible, nobody wants to see up your nose or your bedroom wall. Try placing your laptop on a flat surface and adjust your seating position.

4. Settings; don’t be afraid to tweak settings in your favourite app. Adjusting sound, colour and quality can also help improve the quality of your meeting.

5. Location; Your space setting up in the correct environment and mind set can mean you will be focused and uninterrupted. Find a location away from distraction (mind, people and even your pets!)

The most important thing whilst working at home is making sure you can stay in the loop with everything that’s going on in the office. Whether it be through video calls or phone calls, you may not have what you need to create the perfect working environment within your own home.

You may receive advice about software’s and systems you can use during your time working from home. At AVM we provide only the highest quality equipment to enhance your remote working experience as much as possible. We understand the challenges that come with every sector of work and we try to use our knowledge to save these challenges to help improve your work.

There are multiple solutions that we can offer to help clients in this predicament that we can either install within the workplace or possibly within the house;

One solution that we have is video conferencing, this is a solution that makes video calls as easy as face to face conversations, our video conferencing solution acts as a bridge, accessible from any device with internet connection, if we install it within the workplace this means a meeting which takes place within the workplace can be videoed and streamed to the worker at home with the highest quality we can possibly get.

Another solution we can offer is audio conferencing, if there is a reason where you aren’t able to video call, audio conferencing is the next best thing, it can be connected to any laptop and run with whatever conferencing app you can choose to use (e.g. Teams/ Google Hangout). This means that all you need to do is plug the solution into a laptop, open up the app that you use and you are able to get the best quality audio and stay within the loop at work as if you were there.

A final solution you could possibly use is lecture capture and streaming, although this solution is widely used by the education sector it could also be used within the work setting. Whether you are using it within either sector, the solution can be used to live stream the events/seminars or even meetings onto YouTube where they can be easily accessible and the comments section can be used in live time to answer questions. This is the perfect solution for when you need to interact with a large group. By installing this solution it means that you can view what is happening, wherever it may be, in live time at your own home.

We know that in this time with that is happening, working from home may be a must for some people, we want to be able to battle the challenges that working from home faces and use our technology and specialised knowledge to help improve remote working.

If you would like to learn more about our work, please feel free to contact us.