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The Rise of Podcasts

In the last few years, podcasts have increased in popularity immensely. Listeners increased by 24% in the past year alone, and currently over 7.1 million people in the UK listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are a unique content source as they have such a personal edge. Listeners can search and find podcasts on virtually any topic in seconds. Its ease of use has allowed it to fit seamlessly into society, through either headphones or smart-speakers (such as alexa) users are increasingly listening whilst commuting, working and even cleaning. With the rise in 4/5G it’s even easier to listen and stream on the go.

With the rise in podcasts ever increasing, we wanted to look at how and where these podcasts are being created, and how Co-Working spaces can utilise this popular channel to increase revenues. Brands and businesses are now moving into the podcasting space, and the challenges they face can be things as simple as; finding a quiet space to do so, ensuring they have all the correct equipment to create a professional sounding podcast and finally, knowing how to work the recording system comfortably.

For brands and individuals who work within co-working spaces, finding a quiet enough space away from others to record a podcast may be slightly more difficult than usual, and so at AVM we developed an out of the box solution which helps both Podcasters, and Co-working space owners. Having a fully functional, and rentable Podcast studio within your co-working space could be an excellent revenue stream, with zero maintenance required from your staff.

We have created a simple, highly professional solution for podcasting which fits seamlessly into offices and co-working spaces. The model can be based on a subscription service for co-working hosts, and this includes all hardware, software and support.

Our solution is completely unique, and its main benefit is that we fully complete the installation of the studio for you, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger! We provide you with a full scope and brief of the works to be completed, and our specialist technicians get to work installing a state of the art Podcast Studio, complete with hardware and software.

Once installation is finalised, we install the easy to use software and you are ready to go. Our technician will train you on the use of the software, and you’re all set to record!

When our technicians have left, you will be given access to our internal support team who are always on hand to deal with any questions or problems you may have.

We understand that podcast usage is only going to grow in the coming years, and are proud to have created a solution which allows for such amazing and creative content to be produced easily and effectively for both coworking hosts, and users alike.

If you’d like to learn more about our Podcast Solution, please contact us.