Case Study | Corporate

Technology Centre – Coventry, UK

A technology centre contacted AVM asking if we could replace their existing conference room AV system. They requested a new, modern system that would incorporate extra connectivity and control. After initial consultation and following recommendations by AVM the client requested the installation of an LG 55″ commercial display screen. The screen would the connect to 2 AMX Hydraports which would be fitted into the technology centre’s existing table.

Our Solution – Technology Centre, UK

Each Hydraport was recessed into the meeting room table so they were flush and unobtrusive with both having covers for an extra clean look. The first Hydraport contained an AMX HPX-U400-CP-1008 Control Pad which incorporated buttons for power on/off, volume control and input selection. The other Hydraport contained VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet and audio connections which were all on retractable cables as well as USB and power on fixed connections. An AVM engineer was dispatched to install the screens as well as the hydraports. After initial installation of the screens and hydraports, the whole system was fully set up, we connected the necessary wires to the display screen and calibrated everything to make sure it was all up to standard and working properly. We then demonstrated how to use the equipment we had installed to the client and answered any questions they had.