As touch screen technology is now becoming highly intuitive and common place in our everyday lives

Touch kiosk system

We can take care of the audio branding or audio image a company may wish to project to the general public around them. This is more than just taking care of music playlists and updates, but also allowing to help shape the kind of feel and sound that would best influence the business as a whole in order to project the sort of music that may be of surprisingly increased benefit.

Our in-store music system, Digital Hive, can be thought of as a digital jukebox which can be programmed and customised to play exactly what a business may require as and when needed.

As a bonus we are on hand at all times for all-round ongoing support and maintenance. The digital jukebox you play through can paint a picture of your business and can highly influence your customers. Attract the right people and keep them satisfied at all times.

Network Music System is for potential clients who require the following:

  • In-store sound and music for retail store
  • Background music for bars and pubs
  • Music Profiling for your business
  • Music for hotels
  • Music in restaurants
  • Music in Casinos
  • Networking Music Solutions
  • Royalty Free Music Network
  • Piped Music in shopping centres
  • Digital Screen Media and Sound
  • In-Store Radio

We also provide for touchscreen kiosk systems for a large-range of businesses including;

  1. Retail Shops
  2. General Item Shops
  3. Supermarkets and More