It has long been known that different genres and tempos of music can affect the disposition and mood of shoppers

Retail PA system

By playing the correct type of music in your store you can directly influence the mood of your customers putting them in a positive and receptive mind-set leading to increased sales, footfall and customer retention. This is an effective way of using public address systems.

Conversely playing the wrong type of music at the incorrect volume and tone will adversely affect your customers, making them feel agitated and uncomfortable. AVM Solutions UK specialise in installing the finest PA systems across the UK, and can help to ensure that you always maintain a welcoming environment within your retail premises.

We understand that the quality and tone of your in store music is an important factor in driving up footfall and sales and the installation of a high quality PA system is a key component in achieving this. Furthermore, an in store PA system can be used as a direct means of communication with staff and customers which is particularly useful for emergency situations where providing clear notifications of exit procedures and routes is essential.

AVM Solutions UK can install a range of PA system installation equipment including speaker installation, amplifiers, CD players, vocal microphones and in-store radio systems to ensure that whatever genre of music is being relayed over your in store PA system, the sound quality and clarity are of the highest standard.

What type of business can use our PA systems?

We provide for a large-range of businesses including;

  • Retails Shops
  • General Item Shops
  • Supermarkets and More