We have a proven track record of delivering audio visual systems to improve the core operations of the emergency services.

Emergency Services

One of the biggest factors within the Emergency services is communication, whether it is between a service and customer or possible patient to internally within the service , here at AVM Solutions UK we can provide comprehensive and modern products which can be used to help improve communication as well as the core operations of the emergency services. We can deliver work to help create more efficiency within daily tasks, we do this through the implementation of video conferencing and collaboration systems.

One case that we have provided our help on is with the service Kent Fire and Rescue, we first began by meeting with the department and discussing the needs and requirements they had, from that we created a plan that allowed us to figure out how we could implicate what they wanted and how we could provide it. For this certain project we gave them 3 different areas, a community room, meeting room and reception, these three areas were connected together, what this meant is that if they wanted to they could project the same presentation into each room on the connected screens, the benefit from doing this was that it gave the department much need communication internally, it also helped push them ahead as they integrated technology and embraced the products which helped improve the overall connection within the building and department.