We are able to offer specialised solutions from designing a specific system for control centres to improve endpoints.

Department for transport

The department of transport are improving their services so that everyone feels that they can understand and are able to use the transport that is provided, to do this the department requires AV solutions that can enhance their services. AVM Solutions UK can offer a range of specialised solutions for the various transport throughout the community, we can do this by designing specific systems for the control centres which can improve endpoints in every part of the network to ensure that the public can receive the most up to date information with as much minimal downtime as possible.

At AVM within this sector we have multiple products and work we can do to improve transport in any way we can, for example we can install TV screens throughout trains, buses and other multiple platforms of transport where timetables can be displayed ensuring that passengers have the information they need to travel confidently on local bus services throughout the community, they can also display news updates and also advertising. As well as these we can install a tannoy system again making it easier for the public as commuters and the workers within the department of transport. We also provide the creation of kiosks on stations which can help the public in purchasing tickets including which stops they may need.