Jazz up your restaurant or bar with eye catching and sleekly designed LED furniture.

Led furniture

These cleverly designed room props are ideal to set off the right mood and will catch anyone’s attention. The LED furniture itself includes tables and chairs which can be sat on without worry of breaking, but also in addition, many types of ornaments and bar objects such as ice buckets and vases can be illuminated and glow the colour of your choice.

The LED furniture can be run stand-alone from a battery and is designed to last without needing to replace power frequently. LED lighting specifically uses low power consumption, but has enough power to glow and light up the whole object and nearby surrounding area.

At AVM, we provide LED furniture solutions for a whole range of businesses which include;

  1. Nightclubs
  2. Bars
  3. Casinos
  4. Cinemas
  5. Shops
  6. And many more