Light up your reception with large scale video

Reception video wall

Light up your reception with large scale video wall. Unlike digital signage, video walls have the advantage of being connectable in any style size or shape. The video wall is designed with virtually zero bezel edges, giving a much cleaner connection between each screen. Should you need a huge rectangular matrix of 9 screens, or a less conventional screen array, AVM Solutions UK can provide and install commercial grade video wall systems to perfectly suit your needs.

The advantages of displaying digitally means that you can quickly put across information to customers and have it dynamically change without needing to physically hang up a poster or board on a wall. Video walls are great for large screen viewings such as sport events and films. Advertising your own products and company logo or provide important day-by-day information is useful to the customers and staff who are visiting the venue for an event or checking in to a hotel.

At AVM, we provide video wall solutions for a whole range of businesses which include;

  1. Hotels
  2. Bed and Breakfasts
  3. And many more