Hotel TV’s supplied from AVM incorporate facilities which are designed to make sure guests have a pleasurable stay

Hotel tvs

Commercial grade screens are used with specific software installed to support a wide range of program options and pay-for services. The hotel image may even be included as a standard screen background to greet everyone who initially switches on the TV set. We provide the highest quality in hotel TV solutions.

Premium hotel mode TV’s provide features such as Menu Lock’s to prevent guests changing settings, volume restrictions, welcome messages, integrated clocks with alarm functions, extra power supplies, TV cloning, external speaker output and serial control connection to enable external devices to control the hotel TV’s. Complete internet access can be included and smart connectivity will allow multiple external devices to be able to wirelessly receive signals, meaning your guests can enjoy watching channels from their own handset or tablet in a separate room.

At AVM, we provide background hotel TV solutions for a whole range of businesses which include;

  1. Hotels
  2. Bed and Breakfasts
  3. And many more