IPTV systems within the hospitality sector are becoming common

Hotel iptv

The simplicity, cost and flexibility provided by an IPTV network provides superior output which allows every video display device access to video and TV streams across a single network without any degradation in quality whatsoever. What’s more is that the IPTV system can be integrated across an existing ethernet network negating the need to install dedicated analogue video and audio cabling anywhere in the facility. It is very simple to create bespoke, custom services that give guests an interactive experience and you can upsell them in the comfort of their own rooms.

  • Deliver free-view and satellite TV to guest rooms and common areas, as well as premium channels.
  • Promote facility use such as reception and dining area opening and closing times, special clubs, room information etc.
  • Increase revenue by providing pay-per-view services that are added to the cost of staying at the hotel.
  • Give guests the ability to order services such as restaurant, swimming pool, spa and gym reservations right from the TV using an interactive guest book with updatable local area information.

At AVM, we provide hotel iptv solutions for a whole range of businesses which include;

  1. Hotels
  2. Bed and Breakfasts
  3. And many more