Lecture theatres and large education hall facilities designed to allow direct communication

School hall audio systems

Lecture theatres, school hall sound systems and large education hall facilities, designed to allow direct communication, usually between a single person and a large group of people are almost always in need of some kind of AV installation and AV systems integration.

Ultimately, the most important aspect is probably communication aid, and sound systems are quite often installed without regard to acoustic treatment or placement configuration, resulting in less than optimal audible results. Couple this with the use of microphone devices and one can often be the fool to a series of loud high pitched squeals caused by feedback from the speakers themselves.

Within the educational sector, only top quality systems should be used within shool hall sound systems. We at AVM provide just that.

AVM Solutions UK provide many flexible systems, from small PA systems, to wall mountable speaker’s systems and line array technology speakers which are designed specifically to allow for long throw sound meaning that the sound itself will travel much further than regular speakers, maintaining a greater intelligible signal across the entirety of the room.

We have worked with a range of high-profile clients. The academy school is just one example of our amazing clients.