Smarten up your classrooms with technologically superior smart whiteboards giving you digital hands on control directly with the surface itself.

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard installations are designed to be used with a computer system or digital control system and a mounted projector directed at the board itself.

The difference with these interactive whiteboard systems is that they allow you to freely interact physically by pressing on the board itself using your own hands and fingers. Most systems are projected where large surfaces are concerned; however, you also have the option of purchasing a system which utilises screen panels where the signal is emitted directly on to the board instead of being projected by another device.

These are ideal for spaces where presentations are of importance, such as in educational facilities, board and meeting rooms, and even on stages. There are many variations to be considered, such as size, location, portability vs. permanent, screen type, projection or screen touch etc. Installation of these systems can be completely made to your own specification.

Revolutionise the way that new generations of people learn in education by providing access to a complete interactive experience. The sectors we provide for include;