Case Study | Corporate

Russell Hobbs – Manchester, UK

Russell Hobbs came to AVM with a simple problem, they were having issues with a large number of congested wires underneath their board room table. Not only was the tangle unsightly, but the connections for the connecting laptops etc. to the wall-mounted television were under the table and not easy to access. We gave them a number of possible options, all of which would have solved their problem just in different ways, after some deliberation we decided to utilise a supply plate that would fit into their table and have all necessary connections easily accessible from the plate. To solve the problem of the unsightly wires we decided to re wire the connections and use cable tidying equipment to ensure the cables were neatly connected to the supply plate.

Our Solution – Russell Hobbs, UK

A trained AVM engineer was dispatched to Russel Hobbs, he then fitted and utilised a Kramer intable supply plate with sockets for power, network connectivity, HDMI and VGA inputs which would be used to connect to the existing equipment in the room. The wiring below the table was organised into cablesocks and fed up to the installed boxed recessed in the desk. Installation was completed in under two hours and resulted in a clean tidy cable core under the table and a clear covered panel covering the fitted connection box. After the installation was complete the engineer demonstrated how to use the newly installed supply plate to ensure the client had an understanding of how to use it.