Case Study | Education

Primary School – Lincolnshire, UK

A primary school in Lincolnshire contacted  AVM looking for a large display screen to put in a classroom for the children to interact with. After initial consultation, and following AVM’s recommendations, we installed a Philips BDT5551EH 55″ Full HD LED Touchscreen Monitor on a Unicol Avecta low level trolley with locking cabinet.

The touchscreen monitor was chosen for its large display and multi-touch capabilities, which allows more than one user to interact at a time, thus making it ideal for small children. Another reason for choosing the Philips was due to the fact that it was a touchsreen that ran on sensors meaning that the screen is more resilient and better suited for use in a primary school. The monitor was placed on a Unicol Avecta trolley with adjustable height for maximum usability and manoeuvrability around the classroom. A Unicol Avecta cabinet was also incorporated due to the fact that it had a lock for easy and safe storage of any chosen media player.

After installation our engineers demonstrated the full system to the teachers so they were fully proficient in its use and then placed and set up the unit where the client required, ready for use.