Podcasting for business: how to get started with business podcasting

Introduction to podcasting

Podcasting put simply allows content to be broadcast and distributed via audio files over the internet. Podcasts can be downloaded or listened to online with a device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet.


Podcast marketing and how to utilise it

Podcast marketing can work for a variety of businesses – usually, as a tool for their target market.

For example, if your business is within marketing to a B2B business, you can create a marketing podcast teaching your audience how to perform certain marketing tactics or discussing marketing tactics with relevant thought leaders and influencers.

Basically, for almost any industry, there is a way to leverage podcast marketing and use podcasting as a way to build trust, loyalty, reach a new audience and grow your sales and business.

Top 4 benefits of podcasting

  1. Attracts a new audience: A great podcast will help your business be discovered all across the world.
  2. Build loyalty: Once people listen and enjoy your podcast; you’ll build up loyal listeners.
  3. Built trust: Podcasts can offer a lot of value to the listener. They can include useful tips and insights, interviews with people they know and admire, etc. Offering real value is ultimately one of the best tools you have as a business for building up trust in your brand.
  4. Attract customers for your business: One of the biggest reasons why businesses should consider business podcasting is that it can be an amazing client-magnet. A successful podcast that proves your knowledge and skills can help attract clients to you.


Getting the right equipment

Here at AVM, we have developed a professional grade podcast recording solution tailor-made for co-working spaces as a SaaS model. Our bespoke podcasting system includes full design and installation from our experienced team, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any of the technical work! We also provide the necessary hardware to make the most out of your new podcasting solution including headphones, microphones, camera, and a touch-screen control panel.

Aside from taking care of the full product design and installation set up, our team is also on-hand to help with any aftercare or technical support that you may need. Alongside our expertise and extensive experience, we are a team that is dedicated to delivering you best in audio and digital solutions in the UK.