Case Study | Hospitality

Pieminister Cafe – Manchester, UK

AVM were asked to design a superior quality sound system for background music in the Pieminister cafe in Manchester they requested that the system would be of a high quality and fit in with the overall aesthetic of the cafe. They also requested that the playback could be from an iPad, this added a slight problem due to iPad playback being slightly below a standard line level

Our Solution – Pieminister Cafe

We used a combination of Apart audio components to put together a system that,although flexible in terms of actual initial configuration and audio tuning, could be locked down and have the output level restricted so as to prevent tampering of excessive volume levels. The system comprised of 4x Apart Mask4 Bi Mid High Wall speakers, 2x Apart Subtile Discreet Subwoofer speakers, an Apart Champ 3D 3 channel amplifier. A Behringer Xenyx 502 mixer was used to give the input signal level a boost thus fixing the problem of the playback from the iPad being slightly below line level. All of these components together made for a high quality system that fit discreetly into the Pieminister cafe.

After the solution was decided upon a trained AVM engineer was sent out to site to install the system, the engineer also gave the client a brief demo on how to use the new system with the clients iPad.