• Customer led / Working together
  • Driven / Aspirational
  • Visionary / Innovative
  • Communicator
  • Dreamer / Creative

A solution oriented professional with a strong business driven acumen with over 15 years of experience in the technical sector. With a degree in software engineering, qualifications from the ChartedInstitute of Marketing and diploma in training plus various other skills. Mitesh has a deep grasp on product/marketing management, business acumen, market dynamics and has led various high end products across the globe.

Using his technical knowledge along with commercial experience Mitesh is well adapt at understanding customers needs, challenging the status-quo and conveying this from features to benefits and vice versa between various departments in an organisation. Ultimately delivering a solution which helps the customers business grow.

Mitesh loves helping, motivating, being inspirational and creative. Life is too short, leave a legacy and make a difference!

A tech geek at heart, enjoys making things (mainly DIY or with wood), travelling, and has a passion for property development and most of all loves his food, mostly Pizza – this goes in hand with travelling of course.

In his spare team he is an ambassador for Silicon Canal & Birmingham Tech Week; non-for-profit tech communities.

“For he who believes, everything is possible”