• Problem solving
  • Business intelligence
  • Ability to stay calm in stressful situations.

Andrei is all-round audio-visual, VR and enthusiast computing generalist.

Andrei has extensive experience working in technical roles at public and corporate sector organisations, such as Police of Riga, Corus Hotels and Royal Bank of Scotland. More than 8 years of his life was dedicated to Supply Services of Birmingham based Specialist Computer Holdings company easily tackling IT Recycling and re-marketing challenges.

His current role with AVM Solutions focuses on Service Support and AV Installations, with a bit of Events Production for corporate client. Andrei’s biggest dream is to bring all newest AV/AR/VR technology under one roof and merge it into one pure audio-visual singularity.

Besides that, Andrei loves to spend his time with family and turns to reading technical stuff when there’s any moment of inactivity. Massive list of interests includes seeing places and taking photos for what he was acknowledged by Google as top local guide in UK.