Case Study | Public Sector

Manchester Mental Health

Manchester Mental Health contacted AVM as they required a projector for use during their financial meetings and for showing X-Rays. They requested a projector that they could use in a straightforward manner and that had a streamlined look to keep it aesthetically pleasing. After being given these requirements and the budget they had to spend, an member of the AVM sales team spoke in depth with the client to run through the available options before eventually coming to this solution.

Our Solution – Manchester Mental Health

A trained AVM engineer was dispatched to install the solution which was included a DICON projector, this projector works well as a meeting projector as well as having the enough brightness to correctly display x-rays. The projector we installed was also a simply designed device that could be easily operated, it also featured a streamlined design as the client had requested. Our engineer also installed a hidden speaker on the ceiling, covered by a matching tile that was purchased specifically for this job. This was done so that it would be out of sight to keep the overall aesthetic of the meeting room. After installation was complete our engineer gave the staff at Manchester Mental health a quick demonstration of their new system to ensure they had a good understanding of ho wit worked.