Case Study | Education

Loughborough University – Leicestershire, UK

AVM were contacted by Loughborough University, they requested a solution that would provide all end users with a simple and convenient way of sharing digital media from a range of common media devices, via a large display at the head of the table. They required a solution that would be simple and effective and required no training or difficult complex software. After further discussion with the client to determine exactly what it is they need as well as the budget they had to gain a full understanding of what we could offer. After giving them their available options they decided on the following solution.

Solution – Loughborough University, UK

The client already had a display, so we devised a system based on an array of connection modules, distributed across the entire length of the table. The modules utilise a lid, which can be closed when not in use, improving room aesthetics and also freeing up valuable workspace.

Each port provides several inserts for common media devices and also mains power.  This gives all end users, the ability to quickly and conveniently share content, from wherever they are seated, saving time, minimising disruption to the meeting process and also enhancing their methods of communication.