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Lending a helping hand to Birmingham’s ICC Building – NEC Case Study

NEC is the UK’s leading live events business with world-class expertise in venue and destination management with over 750 events and 7.1 million visitors per year.

We were brought in to do work on their ICC building in Birmingham which is also part of the NEC group. With the ICC building holding over 400 events and welcoming 350 million visitors per year, we knew we had to implement something spectacular for their audience.

Birmingham, UK - AVM installs av technology into the ICC Building.

The Challenge

Hosting this many visitors throughout the year, the NEC group were looking to upgrade their ICC building with AV, moving away from the outdated look and feel of the building giving it more of a modern look and feel. It was also essential to streamline the process and improve the communication of ICC’s message to those who visit the building.

With every project we work on, there comes the challenges – something which we thrive off here at AVM. Some of the initial challenges presented to us were: 

  • Lengthy process in updating display information
  • Wanted to improve communication to the visitors
  • Improving visitor experience such as directional signs and information posters.
  • Have a consistent brand and image throughout

The next step: implementing a suitable solution for these challenges and working with our partners at NEC to do so.

Pictured: AVM installs visual technology into Birmingham's ICC Building

The Installation

The first key requirement was to bring digital and exhibition signage throughout the main thoroughfare of the building. These were brought in to create an overall branding going through the building. This was achieved through exhibition signage which was brought in to market their brand.

Focusing on the digitisation of this building we also installed multiple Digital Signage screens across the main building, all chained and synced together. This meant that content could be shown on every screen allowing our partner to get the most out of their new technology.

Overall, we installed 7 LED Screens, 2 entrance high pillars, 1 long screen, 1 triangular screen and 2 flag pole screens. All custom-built and made to fit perfectly with the building’s structure.

The Solution

  • Several bright eye-catching LED screens which include bespoke integration
  • Screens connected and controlled centrally with the latest information
  • Ability to add vivid animation and a personal brand touch

Pictured: AVM worked with the NEC group to install video technology in Birmingham, UK

The Technology

LED Screens

A major requirement within the solution was the installation of 7 LED Screens. NEC highlighted that they wanted a system that could be used for presenting to staff and guests, whilst being used for exhibition signage and displaying upcoming events. This was done so that they could consistently publicise their upcoming events whilst being able to easily control what was shown based on current business priorities.

Long Screen

We then installed a long screen within the building to show the different shops/restaurants they had onsite – allowing their visitors to easily view what facilities were available to them throughout the building. This added to the overall customer experience and became an informative source for visitors who wanted to browse what else the venue had to offer.

Triangular Screen

One of the biggest challenges that we faced was installing the triangular screen. By turning NEC’s vision into reality, we needed to fit the triangular screen into a specific corner upon our partners’ request. Despite the challenge, we were able to place the triangular screen exactly where it was required. Although it was one of the most challenging parts of the job, it was one of the most rewarding – seeing the work we had created and it fit perfectly, all thanks to our wonderful technicians.

Pictured: AVM installed LED screens, long screens and triangular screens

Overall Technology Benefits

  • Engaged visitors
  • A clear flow of information
  • Easily update the information shown on the displays
  • Time-saving solution

Client Feedback

After the project, we caught up with Antony Jones, Digital Project Manager at NEC, to get his thoughts on the job:

“AVM worked really well with us; they were on site as early as they could be. We had several meetings throughout the procurement stage and obviously post procurement stage, they have certainly been very sensitive to our needs and peculiarities to this site in particular. We would certainly recommend AVM to another business they have been a joy to work with!”

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