Is Your Conference Room Audio System Working Correctly?

Top quality audio conferencing is extremely important for companies all over the world.  It’s often the best way for businesses and professionals to connect with one another over long distances.  To be able to communicate correctly, you’re going to need conference room solutions you can rely on.  However, boardroom AV can develop technical problems.  It’s important to know what to look out for!

Is your corporate AV system working correctly?   Are you struggling to get the best out of your speakers and microphones?  Don’t worry – help is always at hand.

Why a Professional Audio Solution Matters

Your boardroom or conference room audio solution says a lot about your company.  When your speakers or microphone setup break down, they can impact on your professional image.  A faulty boardroom AV system will give a poor impression of how you operate as a firm.  This is something you’re going to need to avoid at all costs.  Professionalism and image are everything!

Here are a few common problems you’re going to need to look out for.  If you struggle with any of the following, consider calling an expert for advice!

Low Volume

Your audio solution is going to need a flexible volume system.  Low volume can be a common issue which can be fixed easily; however, it can have a big impact on your ability to communicate.  You may have trouble hearing your clients, or your microphone may not be picking up noise properly.  In either case, this is an AV issue you will do best to remedy sooner rather than later.


One of the most common problems you may come across during conference calling is a time delay.  Delays in communication can be frustrating for everyone involved!  If your speakers or boardroom AV are failing to keep up to speed with the conversation, your wireless connectivity may be at fault.  You may need to fix potential Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problems.


Feedback can occur when speakers and microphones are placed too close together.  This is a common problem which can be easily resolved.  However, if it persists, it can be very distracting and even annoying!  Feedback problems can include high-pitched whistling, loud crackles and pops, and persistent clicking.


Hearing your own voice in your ears while talking can be extremely distracting – if your audio solution is constantly playing back your own microphone, this can disrupt communication and can make long-distance discussions difficult.

Troubleshooting Tips

The above problems may all be common, but they can really disrupt the flow of corporate conversation.  They can also reflect badly on your professional image.  Therefore, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind a few checks and fixes.  Modern boardroom AV solutions should be simple to troubleshoot.  However, if anything seems too complex, always consult an AV or audio systems expert to help you!

  • Always make sure you test your microphones, and their volume, when you set up your conference room.  This will help you to identify which speakers may be performing better than others, too.  It is good practice to always check your equipment before you get started.
  • About to set up for a conference call between long-distance clients?  Try taking an internal call from your office to ensure that your speakers are working correctly.
  • Beyond this, it is recommended that you get to know your audio solutions in a little detail.  Configuration may vary depending on the systems you are using, and on the type of connection you prefer.  For example, some systems may operate via fixed line via basic telephony, or through wireless communication.  VoIP, which is data-based voice conferencing, is also becoming a popular AV standard.
  • Your audio system may work on a combination of the above.  Don’t worry!  We, as experienced AV integrators, will always make sure you are set up for flawless communication and playback from the very start of your installation.  It’s important to us that your system works perfectly for your needs from the word go.

Why Great AV Solutions are Important

Top quality audio systems are essential for long-distance commercial conferencing.  The purpose of audio equipment is, of course, to make sure that a speaker can deliver clear messages to their listeners!  This applies to microphones and telephones alike.  If your listeners can’t hear you properly, there is little point in holding a call.  Therefore, we make sure that your system is perfectly prepared to handle long-distance comms.  What’s more, we also make sure you get access to crystal-clear audio.

Communication can break down due to common connectivity problems.  Don’t let them get in the way of your corporate conferencing! Find out more about us by taking a closer look at our services or by contacting us at your convenience.