Introducing the Nureva™ HDL300

An award-winning audio conferencing system that brings the highest quality listening experience to every conference call. Incorporating Nureva’s breakthrough Microphone Mist technology, the HDL300 places 8,192 virtual microphones throughout a meeting room to pick up sound from any location. Its custom audio processing unit is 15 times more powerful than DSPs in conventional systems and can simultaneously process every audio source in a room to deliver a more natural sense of communication. The HDL300 is the perfect choice for customers who want to take their conferencing beyond simply sharing voices. The truly disruptive technology reduces listener fatigue and allows remote participants to feel like they’re right there with their team.


Designed to work with customers’ existing UC&C platforms – Skype for Business, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Cisco Spark, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Pexip Infinity Connect. The Microphone Mist Technology works by listening to all microphones simultaneously, dynamically selecting the one closest to the speaker to ensure the best quality sound for people outside of the room. The powerful system has continuous self-calibration, simultaneous echo cancellation, position-based automatic gain control and sound masking.


The nature of conference calls has changed, the majority of today’s meetings have remote participants, people no longer want to be constrained to sitting at a table facing a conference phone. The HDL300 means everyone can fully contribute as if they were in the room and there will be no issues with poor audio pick up or clipping when a new person speaks. In simple terms, the HDL300 system is the most advanced audio conferencing solution ever created at a price point everyone can afford.


The system is optimised for all small to mid-sized meeting and collaboration spaces and can be utilised in any working environment. Suitable for all customers looking to improve the audio experience of their meetings so employees can communicate, collaborate and contribute effectively.

The HDL300 is….

  • GROUNDBREAKING – Gives consistent and reliable audio performance, it will radically improve the audio conferencing experience for customers.
  • AFFORDABLE – An affordable price point and saves costs associated with time-wasting and technical issues usually associated with audio conference calls.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – The integrated microphone and speaker bar will easily mount on to a customer’s wall. The self-calibration feature means there’s no technical setup or adjustment for the room.
  • PLUG AND PLAY – Customers simply connect the Ethernet (PoE) cable to the breakout box, connect the USB cable to the computer with UC&C software and they’re ready to go.
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