Introducing the New RMG Netlite EON

Here at AVM, we’re always doing our best to bring to our clients solutions which are innovative, best of breed, but also great value.
Well, we’ve done it again with the NETLITE EON LED Digital Display.
This incredibly eye-catching screen uses the same super-bright, super-clear technology that you’ve seen in the giant, roadside advertising screens.
Built into a neat, robust, easily-accommodated, self-contained unit.
Just a quick scan over the images in the link below quickly conveys the wide-ranging capabilities of this unit; and these of course are just examples.

The software that comes with the unit is really easy to use, and as well as powering your Netlite Eon display, AND sending content to as many other screens as you like, you can even broadcast your content to tablets and smartphones – ANYWHERE.
You’re already beginning to think this sounds really expensive. How does £199/mth sound? *
*    £199/month over 3 years (min 10), or £6,295 capex

Price includes:

  • MAX EON Display
  • Mounting/Hardware
  • Media Player
  • 3 Year Subscription to Korbyt (Content management software)
  • 8 Hours of Content Creation
  • 3 Year Warranty

Click here for more information and a downloadable PDF