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Hybrid Flexible Remote Working | USDAW | Case Study

USDAW is one of Britain’s largest trade unions with circa 400,000 members nationwide and 20 offices throughout the country.

A lot of the team work remotely and with a new office, they were looking at having a new cutting-edge communication system which was designed to create hybrid working and collaboration environment, which will be easy to use and most of all looking for someone to provide advice on what was best for them.



“…they were very flexible, they understood what we were trying to achieve. And they understood the market, what was out there, what was possible. You know what our users.”

“..Yeah, I would recommend AVM. Definitely, I’m confident that we’re going to get, the value returned from the investment that we’ve made.”

– Paul Gregory, Head of ICT, USDAW



USDAW do a lot of external video conferencing with other media outlets due to the nature of the work and needed a system that is flexible with various different video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc. The system needed to be frictionless and super simple to increase engagement and use.



Below is a list of just some of the setup AVM Solutions installed:

    • 75” Digital Signage screen for advertising to external customers and internal messaging.
    • A visitor management system where visitors can sign in and automatically prints badges
    • Background music system in reception areas with two additional communal zones, these can be grouped or play individual audio, such as DAB radio.
    • Signage screens in the community area to communicate internal information along with independent zonal audio control
    • Various rooms with 65”-75” interactive screens with a built-in PC to allow staff to create online learning and training sessions that can be used with any unified communication platform without the need to bring a device. Of course, you can also use a laptop if you wish. The room also has a wireless presentation feature and a ceiling mount PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera along with a mic from the ceiling which allows for better clarity in video and audio conversations and finally a room booking panel outside the room, which shows the room schedule for the day. Similar variations are installed across all meeting rooms throughout the whole site.
    • In some of the rooms we fitted a screen to a trolley with the all in one video bar, this is a neat kit that has a camera and soundbar built in it. This solution is great when you need don’t need a fixed solution and wish to use a flexible system.
    • A clever system that was installed in a few rooms was the use of an occupancy sensor. These served two key purposes. One, once it has detected a person, it will automatically switch the TV ON. Two, if the room was booked and no-one turned up for 15mins it will automatically make the room available.

If you are looking for a flexible hybrid video conferencing meeting room, then please get in touch so we can make sure you get the best solution there is.