Google Workspace – New features for hybrid workspace

Hybrid work

A common theme you may come across as we consider going back to work. Google understands that there is a greater need for collaboration especially with the rise of a challenging homework environment which was never designed for full-time remote work.

As part of their innovation drive, Google has released several new features.


Spaces is a dedicated space to discuss and work on all things related to a project. An improved user interface, new features like in-line topics threads, custom statuses, reactions and collapsible views.

It’s a space to share, build and get organised.

Image source: Google Blog

Companion Mode

This is aimed at hybrid working, as we all know that those working remotely and, in the office, will no doubt have different experiences. How would some working from their sofa equally collaborate with someone in the office? Equally being the key phrase here, we want joint collaboration. Everyone gets a say.


“Companion Mode is designed to seamlessly connect those in the room with their remote teammates, giving everyone advanced features to participate, while leveraging the best of in-room audio and video conferencing capabilities.” – Google Blog

Everyone gets interactive features like polls, chat, hand raise, Q&A, captions, and more.

Google also plans to launch new features incoming updates.

Image source: Google Blog



Often forgotten about but the key to any business is the security of data. This is why client-side encryption is included to help with compliance needs and data governess. Additional updates to Google Drive will also bring new features to control file sharing within and outside your business.

For additional information read the latest blog from Google here.


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