Case Study | Retail

Global Retailer – Nationwide, UK

AVM were approached by a global retailer requiring a biannual service of various equipment located throughout their York store including 3 projectors, digital signage, an AV rack and the master control system.

Our Solution – Global Retailer, UK

After initial consultation AVM sent out one of our highly trained engineers who thencarried out the service over night, out of the stores normal operating hours, thus maximising the work time and causing no disruption to any of the stores operations.

The service the engineer performed included the replacement of all lamps and filters on the projectors with new ones and then realignments done and checked to make sure everything was optimized and working to its best potential. Also the projectors were dusted and all projector lenses were cleaned thoroughly.

The digital signage and the AV rack were checked for any loose connections to make sure everything was working fine as well as being thoroughly cleaned to prevent the build-up of dust especially around any vents and fans.

Finally the master control system was fully tested to the client’s specifications to check once more that all areas were up and running and working to a high, suitable standard.