Case Study | Education

Feature Video Wall – Academy School, Sussex

The Brief

AVM Solutions were approached by an academy school in east Sussex who wanted a large feature Video Wall for their assembly area. It had to have the ability to display information and for content to be used during assemblies near the stage area and the rear of the hall where the equipment would be located along with digital signage when the system was not in use.

The Method

One of our Sales Solution Specialists visited the site to survey and presented the client with a solution. We opted to go with a 4×4 video wall made up of 16 x 46 inch, large format High brightness Samsung displays. The Screens were connected through a TVOne Multiviewer Switch allowing other devices to be connected to it.

The Academy chose to have a Wireless Presentation System, BrightSign Digital Signage Player that connects to the client’s LAN network and we placed two Atlona wall plates with a VGA, audio and HDMI input connect to allow the client to plug in a personal laptop or a computer from two locations.


The audio for this solution was provided by 6 x Column Speakers powered by two Cloud Amplifiers and a Cloud inline Mixer ensures that any devices connecting to it can be switched between and isolated.

Control was achieved by using AMX 4.3” Touch Panel at the equipment end and simple 6 Button controller below the screen’s staging area allowing for ease of use and control.

Feature video wall

The Benefits.

The wireless microphones give the lecturer freedom of movement and the ability to move within their audience, while the feature Video Wall can be clearly seen by all audiences.

The screens used are a bold presence in the assembly hall at the heart of the school, engaging both pupils and visitors and

The AMX 8 button keypad that was mounted to the wall below the screens allows the user to easily control the system without any assistance along with an AMX integrated Touch panel for flexibility and control, allowing a second user to control the various sources and volume. The flexibility of the solution was important along with ease of use. Via the button panel and touch panel, the client was easily able to alter settings quickly and with minimum effort.

The solution is striking and designed to grab the attention of both pupils and visitors. The feature video wall took centre stage in the assembly area and was aimed at giving pupils a sense of pride in their school. Technological advancement is in keeping with the tone of the school and their goals.