Case Study | Retail

Fashion Retailer – Cheltenham, UK

AVM were approached by a fashion retailer who required a a sound system to be designed to provide background music in their Cheltenham store. The store was still being renovated at the time in preparation for its opening so they requested that we come in after the electricians to install the equipment then. They gave us the specification they wanted as well as the budget they had for the project. We offered them a few solutions and they chose a solution theta comprised of JBL speakers and a TEAC amplifier.

Our Solution – Fashion Retailer, UK

A trained AVM engineer was dispatched to install the system while the store was still under construction. The cable for the speakers was run and the speakers themselves were installed into positions that would be prime for the dispersal of sound, with no loss of audio quality at any point on the shop floor. The amplifier was installed and all relevant cables were connected. Both the amplifier and CD/MP3 player were installed in what would be the back of the shop.

After installation our engineer then tested the system to ensure that everything was working to the highest standard. A brief demo was then given to the client so that they understood how the system worked.