Case Study | Leisure

Entertainment Company – Bolton, UK

After a referral from a previous customer, AVM was asked by a local DJ & Entertainment company to supply and build a portable DJ Mixing Kit. They requested that the mixing kit be simply designed and easy to use. After supplying us with the specification they would like and their available budget we offered them the available options for what they requested.

After a meeting to discuss the brief and application/ use of the DJ mixing kit, AVM designed and built the system to the clients budget. An AVM engineer was then dispatched to install the system in to the Entertainment Company premises. The main reason for the system was to allow the facility to mix digital music in house and to eliminate the need to hire out any equipment. After the installation was completed, the client was given a brief demonstration of their new system to ensure that they now had an understanding of how their new kit worked. This was important as the system we installed varied slightly from previous systems they had used.

Equipment Used – Entertainment Company, UK

  • American DJ DP 2 USB Audio Controller with PCDJ
  • American DJ 4 Channel DJ Mixer
  • American DJ Dual CD Player
  • Flight case