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Digital Art Wall, Live Train Timetables and more – 111 Piccadilly Bruntwood Case Study

111 Piccadilly – a site by Bruntwood is a spectacular technological experience created to give our client better control over their work environment. Bruntwood being one of our returning clients, we were able to support them to enhance user experience through way finders, digital art walls, info kiosks and community screens, all by integrating bespoke software with Manchester’s local transportation timetable service.

Digital Art Wall

A stunning 120” digital art wall was installed to be used for custom animations, showcase artwork and local businesses which is a valuable addition to co-working clients. In addition, a smart camera linked to the system dynamically adjusts images according to user movement. Our unique perspective and technical design comes to play when all of this is controlled via a single tablet. The same tablet can be used to control content across all other screens within the space. As well as the control of the multi-zoned background audio system.



Info Kiosk

An interactive information kiosk with two screens (One of which is a touch screen display), welcomes all visitors and encourages them to find their ideal/available meeting rooms and guides the user to the book a meeting room page on their mobile device. Users can also view live travel information on trains, buses, and trams, within the local area and Bruntwood also have a section for events advertising where users can even register themselves for events taking place throughout the Bruntwood Community. Again, AVM Solutions UK were involved here with as we custom developed the whole Kiosk based around the needs of our partners at Bruntwood. This custom software is specifically designed to create user innovative experience for all customers.




Community Screen

An 88” vertical digital screen was also installed within the reception area to show live local train timetables. AVM Created custom digital content for this bespoke display at its native resolution to integrate with the existing local Transport for Manchester time-table system.

vertical screen


Wayfinding screen

This 88” ultra-stretch display is ceiling mounted and benefits from custom digital content to suit its native resolution. This display was primarily placed to help visitors find the main POI within the building, and is strategically placed to catch the visitors eye upon their entry to the speed gates.