Case Study | Public Sector

Craigavon Borough Council – Northern Ireland, UK

AVM Solutions were contacted by the Craigavon Borough Council as they needed a very specific touchscreen display unit for use in public areas by the general public.

Our Solution – AVM firstly recommended and then were happy to supply the Apis Pro PD40HD-T infrared multi touchscreen display from our AVM shop. For more information please see link below.

This product was exactly what the client required, a 40 inch landscape display that was large enough for their needs. The display was also freestanding which allowed the client to place it wherever it was required.
Another requirement was for maximum versatility and durability so the Apis Pro PD40HD-T was selected because it uses an infrared touchscreen system. This means that a finger, a gloved hand or a pen/stylus could be used as a pointer, making it ideal for prolonged public use. Another useful feature that would help in prolonged public use is that activating the screen requires no pressure so over time less damage is likely occur which improves the longevity of the screen and further fit the clients needs.