Case Study | Education

Caludon Castle School – Coventry, UK

AVM were approached by Caludon Castle School who required a PA system installed into their  school sports hall. They asked that the system be simply designed  and easy for school staff to operate. A system comprised of a cloud CX261 single zone mixer with RSL6 Remote source selection device and Crown XLS Drivecore 2000 amplifier was added to their AV rack and the remote system fitted.

Our Solution – Caludon Castle School, Coventry

4 Apart Mask8 High Quality Dynamic Wall speakers were wired and fitted, Apart are renowned for making high quality audio equipment such as these speakers. In addition it was requested that a wall mounted control unit was fitted to control their ceiling mounted projector, a SP Controls Pixie Euro in-wall control system was fitted to fulfil this requirement. A trained AVM engineer was dispatched to fit the speakers and install the system, work was completed in under a day. After install was complete, the client was given a brief demonstration of their new system by our engineer so that they could see how easy it was to operate. As they had requested.