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AVM Solutions wins bid to supply state of the art video conferencing technology to GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority)

AVM Solutions UK is proud to kickstart 2021 with news that we are working closely with GMCA, in particular, 48 fire stations to provide video conferencing facilities to help improve communication and response time between all stations.

Each site will have a 65” 4K interactive multitouch touch displays, which allows the use of simple apps to allow cross-functionality of various video conferencing tools, internet and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.  A custom interface was also developed by AVMs partner to allow access to training videos and slides which can be accessed from any station. AVM Solutions UK was instrumental in managing and consulting during the whole process.

A rapid sharing of information was highlighted as a key functional requirement. Using a simple solution which loads instantly (just turn the screen on) and it is ready to use for quick and easy collaboration or to access their training material at the touch of a single button, vital in times of a crisis.  The whole solution is built in a manner where future updates and changes can be made should they be required, even if they wish to use different video conference solution; a truly interoperable solution which is ideal as you are not tied in.



GMCA Screen

A conference camera with a built-in speaker and microphone that automatically zooms and pans into the user talking to enhance communication and clarity is also supplied.

AVM Solutions UK has vast experience with various video conferences tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meets, coupled with the ability to work with leading partners and inhouse programming and support teams put AVM Solutions UK in a position to select the best solution for GMCA.


In addition to providing a consultative approach, AVM Solutions UK has been in constant communication with the team at GMCA from the start, providing a demo unit and has also provided a one-hour ticket response time for support along with a spare full hardware set located at the head office in Manchester which is available as a rapid replacement solution.

Being a local private SME based in Manchester, AVM Solutions UK are proud to be working with GMCA and helping to improve and support the local emergency services, we would like to thank them for the opportunity and also the hard-working people of all emergency services.

GMCA has strong plans for a digital future which includes infrastructure and various frameworks, you can learn more here.

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