Always-On Video Conferencing: 24/7 Connected Offices

Video conferencing has been around for a while now; however, it has recently evolved for better.  Always-on video conferencing is a brilliant solution for corporate meeting rooms and for long-distance communications.  But what sets this technology apart from the pack?

The idea behind AOVC is to break down physical barriers between offices.  This idea of open-office collaboration is supported by video-conferencing technology which allows teams to work together in real-time.  Think of an AOVC window as like a real window into another room in your office!  The benefit here is that you’re working alongside someone who may be on the other side of the planet.

No Call Scheduling

AOVC is ideal for collaboration between offices who don’t have to rely on call scheduling.  As your video window is always ‘open’, you can simply request support from either side of the conference when you need it.  The point of this open-office technology is to bring people closer together.  With no scheduling or stuffy timetables, you’ll have instant access to experts based abroad as and when you need them.

Your Privacy Preserved

Worried about losing privacy? Don’t be.  AOVC systems for corporate and office use allow you to opt-in when it comes to activating audio.  In fact, audio is set to ‘mute’ by default.  To activate it, there is a feature for you to ‘join audio’ and start collaborating with the other side of the window.  This is a great way to retain privacy in your office while working as and when you need to.  Your conversations are completely protected!

You’ll also have complete control over when your video and audio streams are active.  While the idea of this open-office software is that it is always on, you can set working hours so that your feeds close down for the night, or over weekends.  Therefore, the software is always ready to be completely and utterly flexible to your needs and routines.

Call for Attention When You Need It

Don’t stress having to be available for certain calls and meetings.  Set up your meeting rooms with AOVC and you’ll be able to drop in on your international colleagues as and when you need to, and vice-versa.  If your microphones are temporarily disabled, you’ll be able to virtually ‘knock’ to grab their attention.

Get Creative

One of the best features of this advanced video conferencing software is the interactive whiteboard.  Collaboration has never been easier!  Set up on-screen tasks, notes and jobs which you can all understand and work towards at close reference.

There’s no longer a need for you to rely on clunky notepads or calendars.  Set up an open-office system which allows you to collaborate on the big screen throughout your day.  The video screen can be used as a clear reference point, which of course means that no one loses sight of their tasks and duties.

Easy Integration

Worried about introducing a whole new system into your existing collaboration setup?  Once again, there’s no need to be concerned.  AOVC will seamlessly integrate and slide into your current software line-up with ease.

If you already have meeting software you rely on each day, you will be able to continue collaborating as usual, switching to the video window as and when you need to consult with people on the other side.  This conferencing system allows you to continue carrying out important discussions and collaborations while opening the floor up to overseas teams and specialists.  It really is breaking down boundaries!

Save Energy

As mentioned, you can set up your AOVC system to shut down and power up whenever you choose.  However, the system will also arrive fitted with energy saving options, which means you will be able to conveniently request the software close down as and when your meeting rooms are no longer in use.  Naturally, this makes for money saved on electricity and other overheads you’d need to budget for company-wide.

Is AOVC Right for Me?

Let’s take one last look at why AOVC is changing the way we collaborate and conference for the better.

  • Discuss and connect with overseas specialists as and when you need to. There’s no scheduling!
  • Retain privacy with override controls and audio opt-in.
  • Collaborate with whiteboarding and on-screen interactivity.
  • Blend the hardware and software into your existing meeting setup without losing steam.
  • Set up energy-saving features to close down the software whenever it’s not in use.

Video windows and AOVC systems are the future of video conferencing.  The world is getting smaller all the time!  Why not consider setting up a window link in your own offices or meeting rooms?  Get in touch today to learn more, and to arrange a free quote without obligation.

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