4K streaming with the new iCue from Teracue

Teracue have recently released the new iCue-Playout, a streaming media playout server that supports SD, HD and even 4K streaming. ICUE-PLAYOUT 4K streamingThe iCue can stream any type of uploaded MPEGS-T file out of a number of IP videos and IPTV applications. The iCue is designed to deliver IP-video streams into presentation and information applications and would be well suited to looping or scheduling single videos or whole playlists into digital signage players. Output streams can be synchronised to a group of displays or 4 HD streams can be synced to deliver 4K resolution. One iCue unit can have up to 4x 4K streams or 16 full HD streams. iCue-Playout is managed by the accompanying PC application which supports up to 10 iCues at once. The iCue is designed for secure and stable 25/7 operation.


  • File to stream generation
  • Info and ad channels for digital signage
  • LAN or WAN based video archive