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Zoom Video Conferencing Solution


As more and more employees begin working remotely, it is essential to ensure that you and your employees stay connected. When it comes to choosing an ideal video conferencing system, the Zoom hardware is the perfect collaboration tool.

When using video conferencing, being in a meeting room and having to connect to a conference using our own devices and passcodes can cause problems, but this is no longer an issue thanks to Zoom. Our Zoom compatible conferencing system provides an efficient solution to your video conferencing needs thanks to its user-friendly interface that allows you to join your meeting instantly – wirelessly or not (if you prefer!)

Video conferencing and collaboration solutions

As one of the most popular video conferencing platforms, Zoom’s video conferencing software allows you to bring high-quality video, audio and web conferencing to any sized room – from small huddle rooms to larger conference spaces.

Originally founded in 2011 by the engineer of the revolutionary Cisco and Webex, Zoom was created with collaboration in mind, ensuring that you can join meetings wherever you are on a handheld device, tablet or desktop.


Why Choose Zoom Hardware?


Zoom Rooms provide a range of unrivalled features to ensure the effectiveness of your conferencing solutions. These include:


Start meetings with just one click! The interface can be used in every designated meeting room to ensure increased productivity. It really is that easy.


We understand that you may have various sized meeting rooms throughout your business. With Zoom Rooms, you can integrate the hardware in small spaces, large boardrooms, or anything in between! Unsure of the right equipment you need to suit your room size? Our team of AV experts will help you select the right equipment to suit all your meeting needs!


No annoying USB cables (which always seem to get tangled), or low-quality webcams… the solution is catered to your needs to provide a professional set up.


Track room usage and statistics easily to make informed decisions based on meeting attendance and overall meeting room effectiveness.

What Are The Benefits?

  • The use of ‘Zoom Webinars’ allows users to take webinars to the next level using their cloud-based software. The bespoke webinar solution can scale to any size room and shared annotations and content can be seen by all participants to really bring the topic of discussion to life!
  • Communicate efficiently with ‘Zoom Collaboration.’ This easy-to-use tool allows you to increase meeting productivity with integrated group messaging and screen-sharing capability for all participants.
  • ‘Zoom Online Meetings’ lets you to make the most of every meeting. Never miss a call with scheduled meetings and never lose the key meeting points thanks to note-taking features and recorded meetings.

Why Does My Business Need A Video Conferencing System?

As the number of people working from home rises, so does the reliance we have on audio visual and video conference solutions. In order to effectively communicate with your team and clients, it is key that your business has a video conferencing software that is reliable as well as being easy to use (and the Zoom conferencing software does have a pretty nice interface!)

An effective way of improving business productivity, the use of video conferencing integrated solutions as opposed to traditional methods of video conferencing can ensure that online meetings are less stressful and more employees can attend than ever. Screen sharing, file sharing and audio video solutions can all be made easy with the click of a button!

Why choose AVM?

We live and breathe AV. We’re a forward-thinking bespoke Audio-Visual consultancy & integration specialist, focusing on bringing creative visions to life for inspiring organisations via state of the art digital media technologies.

With our team of experienced individuals, you can be assured that you’re in the right hands and we understand the importance of having a solution to help you connect seamlessly with your audience. From the design and project brief, straight through to the installation and aftercare – our unrivalled support is there to help you with every aspect of the project.

Thanks to the expertise of our technical team, you won’t even have to worry about lifting a finger! Our service offering includes:

  • Full scope and brief
  • Full installation
  • Access to our internal support team
  • Full aftercare support

The vision - Our core values.

More than an audio visual specialist, we are an embedded partner focused on relationships first, that helps brings vision to life by breaking the mould with creative solutions.



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