Use One of Our Prestigious, High-Tech Meeting Rooms Free of Charge – A Genuine, No-catch Offer!

Ever heard that expression if seems too good to be true it probably IS too good to be true……? Well here’s an exception………

Use any of our Powerful,  AV-Equipped Rooms Free of Charge –  and YES, this IS a Genuine, No-catch Offer!

Here at AVM Solutions we warmly invite organisations to use our Bolton AV Technology Centre – an extremely well-equipped, modern and attractive suite of rooms – for your next business meeting, live-streamed training/presentation session, or informal small-group remote audio/video conferencing meeting.

Our AV Technology Centre comprises three different rooms:

1. High-Tech Boardroom  

  • Meet colleagues / suppliers / customers / etc in a comfortable environment; meet up physically, via video link, or any combination of the two
  • Meeting participants can be around the corner, elsewhere in the UK, or around the world, and can join you from their laptop at home, or another fully-equipped meeting room
  • Large , crystal- clear screens, in various formats as required, for presentations, workshops, training sessions, you name it
  • Very easy plug and play connections for your laptop – no technical knowledge required
  • Simultaneous twin-screen live-person and live-laptop display to compatible remote video conferencing systems
  • Technicians on hand (again no charge) if needed, for any specific audio-visual requirements
  • Self-serve refreshments on hand (convenient beverage machine) free of charge

2. Remote Training / Presentation Room

This room is purpose-built for:

  • In-room training/presentation e.g. product update (including physical demonstration of an object), software training, etc
  • Any of the above to one or many remote sites anywhere in the UK or overseas via YouTube Live Streaming. Also saved as a video file for on-demand playback anywhere, any time. 

For example:

  • You’re launching a new product and you want to show it to your sales teams across the UK simultaneously, efficiently, quickly, and with a consistent message to all of them – letting them all see it in clear detail and from all angles, showing them the benefits, how it works, and so on. You also want any colleagues that couldn’t make it on the day to be able to watch an on-demand video recording of the session.
  • Your company is adopting a new software package and you want to deliver a live training session to update some staff across other sites
  • You are a college that wants to stream live, and also record, a webinar to some overseas students.

3. Huddle Space

Organisations increasingly want smaller, informal spaces where say two to four people can simply ‘pop in’ for an adhoc conversation, with each other but also with a similar small group or individual joining them remotely from elsewhere – another organisation, another branch, another site, or just from a home office. Whilst we do require this to be pre-arranged, our huddle space is a perfect example of this type of easy, no-fuss ad-hoc facility.

  • Simple and quick to conference with anyone anywhere
  • Audio-only, (could simply be someone on a phone or hands-free in a car, or working from home) with crystal-clear sound
  • Videoconferencing – simple to use, just call and start your meeting, loud and clear. Our equipment is compatible with just about anything out there from Skype on a laptop to a large overseas boardroom system


There isn’t a catch, but we’ll be totally honest with you, it’s very simple really. We are proud of the facilities we have designed and installed in our own headquarters, which exemplify what we do, and double as both audio-visual demonstration rooms, and also as meeting rooms for our own day-to day use.

Our hope is that sooner or later you will want to improve your own audio-visual facilities, remember what a good experience you had with us, and give us the opportunity to talk to you again about what you need. That’s it.

We absolutely PROMISE there will be NO timeshare-style spiel either during or after you use one of our rooms. And we will NOT be a nuisance on the phone afterwards.

So here’s the challenge: by now, be honest, you are still wondering if we are telling the truth when we say there really is no catch – so call us and put us to the test.

We look forward to showing you that we really are the kind generous people we claim to be.

We don’t give you any hard sell – just a very nice, clever, cool, easy-to use, high-tech room….and did we mention it’s free?