The Lovely Lads in our Operations Team are making an offer you just can’t refuse

AVM are on top of things in more ways than one when it comes to support and maintenance, carrying out preventative maintenance to minimise the risk of potential problems arising, as well as offering flexibility to enable us to cover unusual working hours.

Our support contracts are delivered alongside an SLA policy with a state of the art helpdesk system so that you may rest assured AVM will be on hand to fix any issues that may arise, in an efficient time that will minimise any downtime, allowing your business to run without interruption.

Throughout your support contract you will always have the option to speak directly with a human being as well as offering various methods of support, should one form of communication be unavailable to you.

Free Audio-Visual Health Check !

Here at AVM we take a pride in not only designing, supplying and installing best-of-breed audio-visual solutions, but also keeping the equipment and systems we have installed in perfect working order for years to come.

  • For a limited time only, we are offering to send one of our technicians to your premises to carry out a complete check on whatever equipment or systems you have in place, whether you are an existing customer or completely new to us.
  • We will then provide a written, no-obligation report with recommendations to carry out any necessary maintenance or fault correction that we find.

Examples of inspection points which our technicians will include (where applicable) are :

  • Visual inspection of accessible cabling e.g. obvious signs of cable strain and damage
  • Visual inspection of accessible hardware e.g. ventilation grills clogged with dust and general damage of hardware
  • Video functionality test e.g. is the projector image dull? Are there any signs of interference of the video signal?
  • Audio test e.g. is there interference, feedback or humming indicating improper grounding of equipment
  • General thoughts on the system, e.g. could it be improved and/or simplified with a better control interface
  • Is there anything obvious that may cause failure in the near future ?

If you would like to discuss this genuinely free, no-obligation, no-pressure service

Call us NOW +44 (0)1204 397 343

We’ll be happy to arrange a visit by one of our lovely lads or technicians.