New C-Series Projectors from Sony

Sony has recently updated their C-series of projectors, the 3 new projectors in the range feature a number of useful updates to make them easy to use and efficient. The new C-Series projectors, the VPL-CW276, VPL-CW256 and VPL-CX236, all share a few new features. All 3 projectors are equipped with reduced fan noise thanks to their whisper operation; they also feature two additional HDMI ports and horizontal and vertical lens shift function. This function allows the position of the projected image to be moved vertically up and down by 5.0% and horizontally from -3.0% through to +3.0% on the VPL-CW256 and VPL-CW276 projectors, and from -4.0% through to +4.0% on the VPL-CX236.

The VPL-CX236 projector features 4,100-lumen brightness and a 1.66-w.41:1 throw ration and the VPL-CW256 and VPLCW276 feature 4,500 and 5,100 lumen brightness respectively as well as a 1.32-1.91:1 throw ratio. The VPL-CX236 also has a changeable level of brightness, with three separate modes of brightness you can control how much energy you would like to use and on the lowest setting increase the lamp life by up to 5,000 hours. These new projectors would easily be at home in any office or classroom.